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Blu 1681


13188 Marina Way
Woodbridge, VA  22191
Phone: 703-910-6641
Blu 1681 is a beautiful waterfront restaurant with a view of the Occoquan River. In addition to serving excellent food, this great restaurant pays homage to the area's rich history.

The Dogue Native Americans were an Algonquian tribe that occupied villages along the Occoquan and Potomac River area during the early 1600s. This particular tribe thrived by hunting, fishing, planting beans, squash, tobacco and corn. We pop fresh popcorn for our guests to pay homage to the Dogue Indians.

Blu is the Italian spelling for the word ‘blue’. It is believed that the first European to set foot on Chesapeake Bay land, in 1524, was an Italian explorer named, Giovanni da Verrazano. Our name, Blu 1681, pays respect to the past occupants of this historic area, the Dogue Native Americans, while also honoring the Italian explorers that first came to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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