Three Coffee Houses Alike in Coffee

Three Coffee Houses Alike in Coffee

In Prince William & Manassas, where we lay our scene

In honor of #NationalCoffeeDay on September 29th, we got together with the owners of three of our locally owned coffee shops. Each of them serves coffee and is currently featuring a pumpkin spice latte on their menus, but each coffee house has their own unique flare. Read about what makes each spot special!


Trummer’s Coffee & Wine Bar: Gainesville, VA

Trummer's Coffee & Wine Bar packs a lot of character in a small space. This European style coffee and wine bar is the perfect spot for a date with a significant other or a friend. Grab their coffee of the month (September’s is the s’more latte – yum!) during the day or slow down with one of their amazing cocktails for an evening date.

According the owner, Victoria Trummer, one of their most popular menu items is:
The Kaiser Melange – Drip coffee mixed together with egg yolk and honey and topped with whipped cream (people order it because it is so different and they want to try it)

What are some of their seasonal drinks?
Each month, Trummer’s has a coffee of the month that they feature. September’s is the s’more latte (pictured above), and usually these are very popular menu items. Of course they also have their own pumpkin spice latte too.


Jirani Coffeehouse: Historic Downtown Manassas

When you walk into Jirani Coffeehouse, you will immediately realize that this is not just an ordinary coffee shop. Jirani has the feel of a community or neighborhood, which is actually what “Jirani” means in Swahili. While the coffee is great, the environment is what draws people in to eat, drink, and spend time with friends, family, and neighbors.

According to the owners, Detra and Ken Moorman, the most popular menu item is:
The Jirani Junction – a latte with honey

What are some of their seasonal drinks?
Gingerbread lattes, caramel apple cider, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes!


Grounds Central Station: Historic Downtown Manassas

Grounds Central Station is the perfect hometown pick me up spot. The owner, Matt Bower, is everything that you would expect from the owner of a locally owned coffee shop. He is a friendly and customer service oriented, so he has learned to listen to what his customers want.  Their menu has adapted over time to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, adding new items when customers make requests. This is how he makes sure that each of his customers including his many regulars are happy.

According to Matt, the most popular menu item is:
Anything with chocolate or mocha

What are some of their seasonal drinks?
For a quick, seasonal pick me up, you can order a pumpkin spice latte or a hot apple cider.


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