Discover Occoquan Scavenger Hunt

Discover Occoquan Scavenger Hunt


Discover Occoquan with new eyes using this playful scavenger hunt as your guide. Can you find these 25 interesting items that can be found on or seen from Mill Street? If you need a helpful hint stop by the Prince William County Visitor Center in town to chat with a Tourism Ambassador. Wish you the best of luck!

  1. Start your journey by finding this golden jewel that is meant to last forever.
  2. Between these two buildings, (both represent selfless service to Americans), you’ll find two symbols of freedom flying proudly together.
  3. When it is time for an ice-cold treat, this edible delight is exactly what you’ve hoped for.
  4. Tie this object tightly when securing your ship.
  5. This object is used to tie and secure objects.
  6. Decades ago, this object allowed you to make deposits after hours but now is a relic attached to a salon.
  7. Enjoy high tea at this venue that has a clever name that cyclists will appreciate.
  8. Occoquan offers a little something for everyone’s palette but here you can enjoy local artists.
  9. Despite the Carbide’s best efforts, look well, this is the only fire you will find.
  10. This object will help you get a leg up. It is found at the end of the brick promenade/pathway of Personally Yours.

  1. An innocent child will greet you, as it is no stranger to this garden.
  2. This four-wheeled contraption was often used to lighten loads when traveling but also makes a cute garden accessory outside Georgetown Caterers.
  3. Up high perches on the crescent moon, this familiar watches over this magical place.
  4. This supply shed is marked “Jan 28 14”.
  5.  “Virginia is for _.” Big Letters you will find, take a picture. They won’t mind!
  6. Decades ago, this used to cross the river into Fairfax County.
  7. This home for our feathered friends is nestled images of Occoquan once past.
  8. Knock. Knock. Knock. Listen carefully and maybe you’ll hear them roar.
  9. Miniature water feature outside of this waterfront art gallery.
  10. This piece in chess is moved strategically in ‘L’ shapes and is currently parked outside the bottle stop.
  11. Dine at this waterfront restaurant with its own eerie history.
  12. This large water bird will tell you which way the wind blows.
  13. This is where you can find a penguin in a yellow canoe.


  1. This walkway features its heart but useful information can be found here
  2. Our old logo is featured in two places in this town.

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