Better Know a Town; Dumfries

Better Know a Town; Dumfries

Dumfries occupies just 1.6 square miles of land in Prince William County but despite their small size, the town does feature quite a bit of history. In fact, Dumfries is known as “America’s Oldest Town” after establishing themselves as a town on May 11th, 1749. John Graham provided the land to form the town, which he properly named after his birthplace of Dumfries, Scotland.

For years, Dumfries served as the second leading port in the colonies rivaling New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. However, in 1763 a few factors impacted the town including the start of the Revolutionary War as well as natural erosion.

Today, Dumfries is located just off the highly traveled Interstate-95 near Woodbridge, VA. With several attractions to offer, it’s a perfect stopping point in order to take in some local history or try some local delicacies.

The Weems-Botts Museum features the life of Parson Weems, who crafted the famous George Washington cherry tree story, and Benjamin Botts who served as Aaron Burr’s lawyer during his famous treason trial. The house is ripe with history and is also known for it’s ghostly past. Not only is this a fantastic place to visit for history lovers but it’s a perfect stopping point near Halloween to learn about the ghost stories associated with the property.

Potomac Shores Golf Club is located in Dumfries and serves as the only public Jack Nicklaus designed course in the greater Washington DC area. Beautifully crafted with rolling hills and natural landscapes, the golf course has immediately risen to be considered one of the 100 top public courses in America!

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city then Dumfries does contain a portion of Prince William Forest State Park. Grab your hiking boots and trek through the largest greenspace in the Washington D.C. area!

While there’s plenty to keep you busy in Dumfries, you shouldn’t sleep on several of the local eateries that are a must try on your next trip. Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant is a popular local hangout for fresh seafood and delicious drinks. Located right on the Potomac River, with public boat access, it’s a great place to dine at sunset. Harold & Cathy’s Dumfries Café is a local delight that all visitors will love.  Montclair Family Restaurant is a locally owned American-style restaurant offering a delicious breakfast and dinner menu every day. Try anything from chicken and waffles to a freshly cut sirloin steak!

Dumfries doesn’t occupy a large area but it’s a fantastic small town worth checking out during your next trip down Interstate-95.

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