Introduction To Wine Blog Series

Introduction To Wine Blog Series

To celebrate Virginia Wine Month, we are beginning our “Introduction to Wine” blog series. What can you expect to get out of this series? Information about wine tasting, vocabulary, wineries, shops, and varieties of wine.

The wineries in Prince William & Manassas are destinations in their own right, but when you pair them with the other attractions in the area including our national parks, beautiful museums, and small towns, a visit to Prince William & Manassas becomes a great option for a romantic getaway or a girls or guys weekend. Check out our wineries below, then see what we have planned for our “Introduction to Wine” blog series.

The Winery at La Grange

This beautiful winery is located in Haymarket and the setting provides visitors with a gorgeous view of the Bull Run Mountains. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend, an outdoor adventure, or a romantic getaway, watching the sun set over the mountains with a glass full of vino is the perfect way to wrap up your vacation.

The Winery at Bull Run

The Winery at Bull Run is located adjacent to the Manassas National BattlefieldPark, one of two national parks in Prince William & Manassas. This winery cherishes and helps to preserve the rich history of the area. Visiting the Winery at Bull Run is the perfect ending to a day of discovering our historical sites and museums.


What To Expect From Our Blog Series:

Wine 101: What’s in Wine?

Wine 102: Wine Tasting

Wine 103: Wine Vocabulary

Wine 104: Common Varieties

Wine 105: Wine Ettiquette


Be sure to check back for links to these blogs and additional blogs in our series.

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