An Intro To Craft Beer

An Intro To Craft Beer

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Virginia craft beer has taken off recently, and Prince William & Manassas is brewing some really tasty craft beer! Prince William & Manassas is now home to five unique breweries and will soon be welcoming more to the neighborhood. Whether you are looking for a brewpub, a microbrewery, a nano brewery, or a place to fill up your growler, we have you covered. The increased interest in craft beer is still relatively new, so we have decided to provide an intro to craft beer series.

Below is the beginning of what you can expect from this series. We will first go through the Craft Beer 100 Series, which will include information about beer tasting, different styles, and and how to review. From there we will move on to our Craft Beer 200 Series, which will include information about types of breweries and how to make the most of your craft beer experiences. As we continue with our introduction to craft beer, we will provide links to the different “courses,” adding bonus information from Prince William & Manassas brewmasters, and developing more courses.


Craft Beer 100 Series

Craft Beer 101: What is Craft Beer and What Makes it Unique?

Craft Beer 102: How to Taste Beer

Craft Beer 103: What's in Craft Beer?

Craft Beer 104: The Brewing Process

Craft Beer 105: Popular Beer Styles


Craft Beer 200 Series

Craft Beer 201: Brewpubs, microbreweries, and a nano breweries?

Craft Beer 202: What is a Growler?

Craft Beer 203: Reviewing and Describing Craft Beer


Think you are ready to start tasting? Check out this map to see where our breweries are located!

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