How To Taste Craft Beer

How To Taste Craft Beer

Learn how to pick up the subtle flavors in craft beer by mastering your tasting technique. This Valentine’s Day, BadWolf Brewing Company will release The Cupid De Locke Cask for Valentine’s Weekend. In order to pick out the floral nature of the hibiscus and tart citrus of the blood orange brewed into the beer, you must follow the proper tasting procedure.

There are varying opinions on how to taste beer, so we decided to get advice straight from one of our local brewers. According to Mark Shaffstall, Assistant Brewer at BadWolf Brewing Company, “To truly experience the full flavors of a craft beer, you should first cup your hands around the mouth of the glass and smell the fragrance of the beer. Next, take a little sip and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.  Finally, drink normally.”

Tasting multiple brews at once? You may have heard that you should taste the beers in order from lightest to darkest. In truth, you should pay attention to the amount of hops and alcohol in each beer. Leave the hoppy and higher alcohol beers for the end to preserve your palate for the entire tasting. You might also consider taking notes in order to remember the specific differences between each beer.

Now that you know how to taste craft beer, it’s time to visit BadWolf Brewing Company in Manassas to test your tasting ability. Read below for a note from our friends at BadWolf:

BadWolf Brewing Company is a two-year-old microbrewery based in Manassas, Virginia.  Our small size gives us the ability to be as creative as possible and allows for a true connection with our customers.  A few months ago we started a cask program which opens us up to new levels of experimentation.

This Valentine’s Day, BadWolf will release, for one weekend only, The Cupid De Locke Cask.  Made from our AK-47 (an Americanized Kolsch), blood oranges and a heaping helping of hibiscus flowers, this is a rather unique holiday beer.  We believe The Cupid De Locke offers a collection of flavors most beer drinkers are not used to drinking together.

Our AK-47 provides a crispy slight bitterness which is complimented well by the delicate floral nature of the hibiscus and the tart citrus of the of the blood oranges.  Together they make a cask-aged beer perfect for lovers and the lovelorn all the same.

While customers are here, they should also try our Claire’s Vanilla Porter, a luxuriously deep brew drenched in vanilla and chocolate flavors. For those looking for something a little lighter, our Definition #2 is a dry hopped pilsner with a refreshing, crisp finish. It is also likely the first lagered pilsner made in Prince William County & Manassas.





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