One On One With Katherine Belarmino

One On One With Katherine Belarmino


Katherine Belarmino | Travel the World and Passports & Cocktails

Name: Katherine Belarmino

Title: Travel the World and Passports & Cocktails

Visited: October 25-27, 2015

Photo: Katherine & Romeo Belarmino hiking in the Bull Run Mountains

Why do you like to travel?

We [Katherine and her husband, Romeo Belarmino] love to travel for so many reasons.  We love to see new places, meet new people, and taste new food.  Travel helps us realign our perspective on life and remember it is a big and diverse world out there.  We work full time, so travel helps us get away from day-to-day life and refresh and revitalize.

What were your favorite attractions?

We really loved everything, but two of our favorite things were exploring Manassas National Battlefield Park and visiting the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  The battlefield has so much interesting history that we are so far removed from in California, plus it has so many beautiful hikes and sites.  The Marine Corps Museum is fascinating and they did such a good job with the design.

Is there an attraction that you didn’t see that you would like to come back for?

I’d like to visit Quantico National Cemetery and do the Bristoe Station Campaign Mobile Tour, and Rome would like to golf!  I’m sure there are lots of other things we don’t even know we’re missing.

Which attraction are you most likely to suggest to someone else?

We would most likely suggest the Marine Corps Museum and the Manassas Battlefield.

What time of year do you think is best for visiting?

Even though we were a little early for fall colors, we did get to see some and the weather was perfect.  We think spring would also be a great time of year to visit.

What is a fun fact that you learned during your trip?

The exhibits at the Marine Corps museum were created by people who previously worked as Disney Imagineers, and real Marines were models for the exhibits.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Many times people want to visit the most popular and obvious places.  For instance, many people traveling to Virginia want to go to Richmond.  But the lesser-known towns are so much fun to visit too!


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