Brew Tour; Exploring the Craft Beer Scene+

Brew Tour; Exploring the Craft Beer Scene

There are a lot of breweries in Northern Virginia, and our small Manassas breweries are able to compete with the biggest of them all. Each of the nano breweries in Manassas has its own unique personality, which leaves customers wanting to go back for more.

Unique Eats in Prince William & Manassas+

Unique Eats in Prince William & Manassas

From the menu and the décor to the theme- these restaurants aren’t just about great food and attentive service. While you’re in Prince William & Manassas, be sure to visit these one of a kind spots for a memorable meal. 

Where to Brunch in Prince William & Manassas+

Where to Brunch in Prince William & Manassas

Brunch has become a Sunday tradition for most people, and there are many places in Prince William & Manassas to enjoy the midday meal.  Whether it’s to celebrate, relax, or fuel up, these restaurants have carefully crafted menus that will keep you going all day long:

Rediscover Your Past- Military Reunions+

Rediscover Your Past- Military Reunions

Prince William & Manassas is a popular destination for military reunions. Reconnect in state of the art museums, create new memories while tasting local cuisine, and enjoy a night together watching award winning performing arts.

A Day on the Water in Prince William & Manassas+

A Day on the Water in Prince William & Manassas

Prince William & Manassas is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon cruising down the river or paddling along historic towns, here are the best ways to spend your day on the water.

Cool Places to Cool Down this Summer+

Cool Places to Cool Down this Summer

Some of the best water parks in Virginia are a short drive in Prince William & Manassas! With temperatures rising and kids fresh out of school for the summer, we’ve helped sort through your best bets for summer fun. 


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